Safeguarding Your Home

A survey of people who had seriously considered suicide in the past year found that for about 30%, the suicidal period lasted under an hour. It also found that the interval between deciding on suicide and attempting was 10 minutes or less for 24%–74% of attempters. The choice of suicide method generally depends on one simple factor: availability. Reducing the availability of highly lethal and commonly used suicide methods has been associated with declines in suicide rates of as much as 30%–50% in other countries. 

If a loved one is having thoughts of suicide, it is important to safeguard your home. Below are some ways you can reduce a possible suicide attempt.

  • Keep all guns locked up and hidden or temporarily remove them from the home
  • Store guns away from ammunition
  • Lock up large quantities of prescription and over the counter drugs
  • Request smaller prescription refill quantities (e.g., weekly rather than monthly refills)
  • Dispose of all old and unused prescription drugs
  • Keep knives and sharp objects hidden or out of reach
  • Have the Suicide Lifeline number readily available, (800)273-TALK (8255)