Nebraska School Mental Health Conference Schedule – 2020

Thursday, June 4th

ScheduleTimeSession TitlePresenters
Welcome8:45 – 9:00Welcome & Youth VideoJulia Hebenstreit & Dan Schnoes
Keynote – Dr. Isaiah B. Pickens, PhD9:00 – 10:00Unlock Potential: The Key to Transforming the Future of Our YouthDr. Isaiah B. Pickens, PhD
Break10:00 – 10:15Yoga
Breakout 110:15 – 11:00CBITS: Group Intervention to Improve Outcomes for Students with High ACE ScoresKatie Gallegos
Breakout 110:15 – 11:00Concentric Circles: LGBTQ+ Youth & Safe SpacesJamie Honke & Sam Servellon
Breakout 110:15 – 11:00Racial & Cultural TraumaDr. Jennifer Ulie-Wells, PhD
Breakout 110:15 – 11:00Survive or Thrive?Debbie Schraeder
Breakout 110:15 – 11:00Year 2-We Got This!Becky Eckhart & Jennifer Jackson
Break11:00 – 11:15Meditation
Breakout 211:15 – 12:00Connecting Students to School Mental Health Services:Findings and ImplicationsJude Connelly, Amy McFeely & Laura Olean
Breakout 211:15 – 12:00Deep Implementation of Evidence-Based Problem Solving a Model to Support ALL LearnersJane Byers & Kristy Feden
Breakout 211:15 – 12:00Dovetailing Teaching and Therapy: Triumphs and Pitfalls of Providing Mental Healthcare at a Level III SchoolAnne Baptiste
Breakout 211:15 – 12:00Instilling Hope & Resiliency in Youth: Suicide PreventionKatie Zimmerman
Breakout 211:15 – 12:00Solution Focused Counseling: Practical Strategies for Helping Students Find SolutionsPaul Barnes
Breakout 211:15 – 12:00Stronger Together: The Development of Community-Based Partnerships to Support School Mental and Behavioral HealthMindy Chadwell, Carrie Novotny-Buss, Jen Pollock & Bill Jelkin
Lunch Break12:00 – 12:30
Breakout 312:30 – 1:15Grief 101: Educator EditionAmy Batten & Alex Jurgens
Breakout 312:30 – 1:15Look Closer: Students Hiding in Plain SightFelicity Post & Helane Folske Starlin
Breakout 312:30 – 1:15Making a Friend at the End of the Suicide Policy RoadCassie Ginapp, Mackenzie Riedel & Tessa Petereit
Breakout 312:30 – 1:15Nicotine, Alcohol, Opioids, Oh My: Medications for Addiction Treatment in AdolescentsKenneth Zoucha
Breakout 312:30 – 1:15Sleepless in NebraskaSusan Harris
Break1:15 – 1:30Sponsor Videos
Keynote – Conner Oberhauser1:30 – 2:00End the Stigma!Conner Oberhauser

Friday, June 5th

ScheduleTimeSession TitlePresenters
Keynote – Dr. Jennifer Ulie-Wells, PhD9:00 – 10:00Mental Impact of Covid: How Schools Can Prevent and RespondDr. Jennifer Ulie-Wells, PhD
Break10:00 – 10:15Yoga
Breakout 410:15 – 11:00Autism and Mental Health: Identifying & Meeting the Needs of StudentsMelinda Henson, Terri McGill & Annette Wragge
Breakout 410:15 – 11:00I Love You, I Hate You (You Owe Me, You Own Me, You Don’t Know Me)Rachael Pointer
Breakout 410:15 – 11:00Podcasting for Student Mental Health & ResiliencyJerry Mack & Loni Watson
Breakout 410:15 – 11:00The Mental Health Buy In Train from an ESU Perspective: You Can’t Buy In Until You Weigh InRonelle Jackson
Breakout 410:15 – 11:00Using Trauma-Informed Practices for Infusing Self-Care in Schools (In-Person and Virtually)Dr. Isaiah B. Pickens, PhD
Break11:00 – 11:15Self-Care
Breakout 511:15 – 12:00Engaging through EmpathyNick Zadina
Breakout 511:15 – 12:00Innovate vs Stagnate: Building & Sustaining Collaboration in School Mental Health CareJoan Daughton, Ashley Harlow, Catherine Heck, Kami Jessop & Sarah Miller
Breakout 511:15 – 12:00Self Care is More Than a Buzz WordMegan Harding
Breakout 511:15 – 12:00Technology/Digital Media: Dependence & Adolescent DevelopmentThang Tran
Breakout 511:15 – 12:00The Intersection of Brain Injury and Juvenile JusticeMatthew Garlinghouse, Peggy Reisher

*The activities during breaks are voluntary, please join us if you can!