Community Initiatives

The Omaha community is fortunate to have such a philanthropic community that focuses on bettering the lives of those living here. More and more focus is being placed on behavioral health and overlapping priorities due to increased understanding that physical and mental health are equally important and that so many people from all walks of life experience some form of mental illness either directly or through someone they love. Below is a list of current community initiatives taking place in the Omaha area.

Trauma Informed Community

The goal of this collaborative initiative is to create a safe, supportive, and engaging community throughout Omaha where all people – young and old – can flourish. Working to educate people on what trauma truly is and the importance of dealing with this on a community-wide level is at the root of this effort. Trauma is unique to each individual experiencing it, and we as a community must devote a sustained effort to creating a community that views every situation through a trauma-informed lens.