OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.

Organization Name: OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.

Mission: OneWorld, in partnership with the community, provides culturally respectful, quality health care with special attention to the underserved. Our vision is to be an innovative leader in health care, empowering individuals and creating healthier communities.

Funded Program Description: OneWorld is grateful to partner with The Kim Foundation this year in conducting a suicide prevention social media campaign targeted to Spanish-speaking young adults in the Omaha metro area. As a trusted healthcare home for nearly 50,000 individuals in our primarily Hispanic South Omaha community, OneWorld is working to expand awareness of and access to behavioral healthcare for all.

During Mental Health Awareness Month in May of 2021, OneWorld produced and ran a series of targeted messages on Facebook and YouTube, as well as radio spots on English and Spanish radio stations. These messages were designed to help young people identify warning signs and start caring conversations about suicide and built on themes and language from the More Tomorrows campaign to reach a Spanish-speaking audience.

Successes of Program or Inspirational Stories: Recently a behavioral health provider at our South Omaha TYAHC location shared the following success story: “We had a patient walk in on a busy morning with their father after being sent over by South High due to concern for suicidal ideation. We had a busy schedule but asked them to take a seat and I would see them. The staff helped keep things flowing so we could see them quickly. The patient had a plan to hang themselves that night in their basement. Their father was very supportive and willing to take her to the emergency room right away and set up a follow-up with me for after their discharge. They did follow-up and are now in treatment and counseling and their siblings are coming to us as well.”

OneWorld is proud that the social media campaign was very successful in engaging viewers, with click-through and video completion rates well above industry averages. We are also optimistic that with better understanding of warning signs, more Spanish-speaking young adults will feel empowered to reach out and seek support of their communities, including their behavioral health providers. 

Long term, the success of the program will be measured by increased rates of Spanish-speaking teens and young adults seeking behavioral health services at OneWorld’s Teen and Young Adult Health Centers in South and West Omaha. These specialty clinics serve only adolescents ages 12-24 and offer comprehensive, judgement free healthcare to help patients grow into the healthiest versions of themselves.

OneWorld is grateful for the opportunity to build on the trust we have established in serving our community over the past 50 years to reach more Spanish-speaking young adults in need of behavioral health care and look forward to running the media campaign in September, Suicide Awareness month.

Contact Information:

Andrea Skolkin, Chief Executive Officer