Nebraska Children’s Home Society

Organization Name: Nebraska Children’s Home Society

Mission: To provide safe and loving care to children of all ages.

Vision: A safe and loving family for every child.

Funded Program Description: Nebraska Children’s Home Society, standing on a 126 year legacy of providing safe and loving care for children, proudly continues this mission through adoption, foster care, and family support services throughout the state. The primary family support work happens within the Children and Family Center in North Omaha. Located in the agency’s original receiving home, the Children and Family Center is deeply integrated within the surrounding community, serving as a hub through which neighborhood families can access a wide range of programs. Utilizing a holistic approach to service delivery, the Children and Family Center team embraces a two-generation model to impact overall family functioning through on-site mental health services in addition to voluntary home visitation, a self-sufficiency program, parent education, fatherhood engagement, youth development, and support for grandparents raising grandchildren.

Through the generous support of The Kim Foundation, individuals accessing services through the Children and Family Center are able to receive one-on-one clinical support regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay their therapy bill. Removing this barrier enables underserved populations to address unresolved trauma and work towards the healing necessary to be nurturing caregivers. Building on the agency’s child-driven mission, children’s mental health services are at the corner of the agency’s therapy program, with a team of skilled clinicians working to engage youth through parent-child interaction and play-based therapeutic techniques. Bilingual therapists round out the team to ensure that the Children and Family Center’s growing contingent of Spanish-speaking families are able to access the same level of care.

Successes of Program or Inspirational Stories: Because mental health services are offered in tandem with complimentary services housed within the same office, multidisciplinary collaboration among the agency’s service providers magnifies the impact for program families. This is particularly true for mothers like Jennifer. Like many of the parents and children in the agency’s clinical services program, Jennifer was referred to therapy when her home visitor recommended speaking with a mental health professional to combat her anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. As this referral was to another program within the same agency, the streamlined nature of this process insured that Jennifer was able to speak with a therapist promptly upon agreeing to participate in services. This swift service delivery coupled with a warm hand-off facilitated by a trusted home visitor is a cornerstone of effective engagement in mental health services. Jennifer’s home visitor and her therapist are able to consult with each other regarding Jennifer’s needs, ensuring that the messaging is consistent and the strategies are aligned to move her towards complementary goals.

Providing safe and loving care to children of all ages remains the driving force behind all services at Nebraska Children’s Home Society. Holding space for Jennifer to address her personal needs related to her own trauma history has helped to alleviate many of the mental and physical manifestations of her anxiety and PTSD. Through one-on-one therapy, Jennifer felt safe discussing her experiences with suicidal ideation and implemented a safety plan to handle those inclinations in the future. While her home visitor coaches her on strategies she can use in the home to support her daughter’s healthy development, her therapist helps her grow her capacity to attend to her daughter’s needs and utilize those techniques. By supporting Jennifer’s mental health, Nebraska Children’s Home Society ensures that her daughter is raised in an environment where she can thrive, free from the detrimental impacts of a parent’s chronic stress.

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