KVC Behavioral HealthCare Nebraska Inc.

Organization Name: KVC Behavioral HealthCare Nebraska Inc.

Mission: Enriching and enhancing the lives of Nebraska families. 

Funded Program Description: KVC Nebraska has provided Parents and Children Together (PACT) since 2017 through a SAMHSA grant. SAMHSA requires that youth identified clients have a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED). With support from The Kim Foundation’s operations grant we have been able to serve youth who do not have an SED. This opportunity to provide support at the earliest signs of a mental health condition help prevent children from the negative effects of a mental health condition like falling behind in school, strained friendships, and stress at home. Caregivers also have the opportunity to learn strategies that promote well-being for their children and to strengthen family relationships. 

PACT Therapists meet in the family home or other community-based setting for up to three hours a week for 13 weeks to address children’s (age 4-19) mental health and/or behavioral problems in the home, school, and/or community. Interventions are focused on direct teaching methods where children and their caregivers are taught parallel skills by a highly trained mental health therapist. 

Successes of Program or Inspirational Stories: Parents and Children Together has demonstrated meaningful community impact through several measures 1) 95% of youth both remain in the family home AND out of formal system (child welfare system or juvenile justice system) involvement at discharge from PACT 2) 100% of youth who were in the home at discharge from PACT remained in the home 12-months later 3) 72% of families report their situation to be a little or a lot better after the PACT program. 

Contact Information:

Referrals: Taylor Cambridge tcambridge@kvc.org 402-880-4926
General Info: Cassandra Dittmer cdittmer@kvc.org 402-730-7763
Website: https://nebraska.kvc.org/