Completely KIDS

Organization Name: Completely KIDS

Mission: Completely KIDS educates and empowers youth and their families to create a safe, healthy, successful, and connected community. Our vision is to ensure that our families have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty.

Funded Program Description: The Kim Foundation provides support for the Completely KIDS Mental Health Program. Through individual and group therapy, Completely KIDS is able to give children a safe outlet for their emotions, build their skills, support their growth, and improve their behavioral health and well-being. These services are critical to the population Completely KIDS serves as they lack access (transportation, language, availability, etc.) and therefore do not receive any intervention which is so critical to their future success. Completely KIDS is proud to provide services without barriers and continually works to break stereotypes often associated with mental health services.

Successes of Program or Inspirational Stories: Emily (name changed to protect her identity) lost her father due to COVID earlier this year. She was referred to therapy by her mom to ensure Emily had a safe place to process. From the beginning Emily has been kind, positive, and chatty. However, she avoided talking about her dad during the first couple months of therapy. She would happily discuss her current interests, her struggle with staying at home all the time, and even what she missed about in person schooling, but anytime dad was brought up, she would quickly change the subject. Things changed earlier this month. During a weekly session, Emily was eager to talk about her dad. She talked about how her family planned to celebrate his birthday that evening, she talked about her favorite memories of him, and things he did that made her laugh. Emily even shared different ways her family has made sure to keep his memory alive. She just needed a few sessions to make sure she was in a safe-trusted space before she divulged all her emotions and thoughts around her dad’s sudden death. Now that she is open to talking, we can support her as she works through the grief of this loss and help her navigate and adjust to life without her dad.

Contact Information:

Ann Lawless, Chief Program Officer