Child Saving Institute

Organization Name: Child Saving Institute

Mission: Responding to the cry of a child.

Vision: Our vision guides our work to offer children safe, happy childhoods: that all children have homes where hope is kindled and dreams can be achieved. This is our work, and they are ALL our children.

Funded Program Description: KidSquad – As children grow and learn, some children struggle with their strong emotions and these strong emotions can prevent a child’s growth. Sometimes this struggle is seen when children act out in their childcare and classrooms in a way so disruptive it affects their own and other children’s ability to learn.

KidSquad, a program of Child Saving Institute (CSI), is dedicated to supporting children and caregivers through early development of social and emotional skills. The program is collaborative bringing together teachers, providers, and families in support of children so little people have the tools they need to seed and nurture success. In 2019, KidSquad created a positive impact in the lives of 1,295 young people ages five and younger who reside in Douglas and Sarpy counties through services to 90 classrooms, in 57 childcare centers/programs. In 62 percent of the centers served, the majority of the children enrolled live in low-income families. KidSquad partnered with the early childhood classroom teachers for the betterment of their teaching skills and outcomes with children. Educating teachers directly benefits the teacher AND current and future students. In addition to KidSquad’s work in classrooms and with teachers, KidSquad consultants provided direct behavioral health individualized consultation services to 79 individual children and their families.

One new tool developed by two passionate members of the KidSquad team, Diana Shaw, LMHP, RPT and Michelle Halpine, is Half Hidden: A Book to Help Children Decipher Emotions Beneath the Mask. The tool is used statewide, and it assists teachers, parents, and children with how to help children and adults navigate emotions with their faces hidden under a face covering. The human face is a portal into the world of others and reading facial cues has a basis in survival. The face is so interesting, and important, that just nine minutes after a child’s birth, newborn babies prefer to look at faces than any other object.

CSI invites you to access this resource by visiting and clicking: Services – KidSquad. An instructional video providing tips and additional instruction into fully utilizing the resource is also available. For additional information, please contact Director of Prevention Services Jana Habrock at (402) 504-3637 or

Thank you to The Kim Foundation Board of Director’s for their committed support of the mental and behavioral health of children who live in our community!

Contact Information:

Andrea L. Richardson
Chief Development Officer
Phone: 402.504.3660