CenterPointe, Inc.

Organization Name: CenterPointe, Inc.

Mission: CenterPointe helps the people we serve get better, sooner, for longer.

Funded Program Description: CenterPointe requested funding from The Kim Foundation to support the purchase of three (3) light bars used in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and to train and certify three (3) clinical staff members in EMDR to help treat clients with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  

Supervised training is offered by the EMDR Institute in various locations throughout the country. It is necessary for full therapeutic effectiveness and client safety. Training consists of lectures, live and videotaped demonstrations and supervised practice, and is offered in a 5-day intensive program or two (2) separate 3-day training sessions. Comprehensive information is offered for appropriate client selection and effective utilization of EMDR. When the training is complete, the clinician will receive certification to offer EMDR treatment. 

Approximately 91% of CenterPointe clients enrolled in outpatient and residential treatment have significant histories of multiple traumas and abuse. When trauma is present as a treatment issue, co-morbid with diagnoses of both addiction and mental illness, the treatment challenges presented are compounded ten-fold.

EMDR integrates elements of many effective psychotherapies in structured protocols that are designed to maximize treatment effects. These include psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, experiential, and body-centered therapies. EMDR is an information processing therapy. During EMDR the client attends to past and present experiences in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus (dual attention). Then the client is instructed to let new material become the focus of the next set of eye movements. This sequence of dual attention and personal association is repeated many times in the sessions.  

After EMDR processing, clients generally report that the emotional distress related to the memory has been eliminated, or greatly decreased, and that they have gained important cognitive insights. Importantly, these emotional and cognitive changes usually result in spontaneous behavioral and personal changes, which are further enhanced with standard EMDR procedures. Empirical studies show a range of 77-93% effective rating for the mitigation of PTSD diagnoses following treatment with EMDR.

The EMDR light bars are used in multiple programs offered at CenterPointe, including both short and long-term residential programs in both Lincoln and Omaha, outpatient therapy and our PIER ACT program, both of which are located in Lincoln. 

CenterPointe provides 35+ programs in the areas of treatment, rehabilitation, housing, and crisis response. We use a bio-psycho-social treatment model to address mental illness and addiction at the same time and on equal terms. Programs work together to provide individualized care appropriate to each person. We serve women, men, teens and veterans, and last year served 3,370 unduplicated clients. The majority of CenterPointe consumers experience both severe and persistent mental illness and addiction issues. Nearly every CenterPointe consumer has very low or no income when they enter our programs.

CenterPointe has facilities in both Lincoln and Omaha, but serve clients from across the state. We offer a full continuum of integrated addiction treatment and mental health care through: long-term and short-term residential treatment facilities for adults; outpatient counseling and psychiatric services; community support/case management; day rehab program; veteran’s services; subsidized transitional, permanent, and supported-living housing programs; a technical assistance program to expedite access to social security benefits for eligible persons; and creative expression through visual and literary arts programs.

CenterPointe views the client as a person, not a diagnosis.  We want the focus to be on health and well-being, not the illness. We want to provide our clients with healing, recovery, and most of all, hope. By providing our clients with the resources they need, we help create healthy minds and strong communities, one person at a time.

Successes of Program or Inspirational Stories: “Jenny” has battled her addiction to drugs and alcohol for 14 years. Childhood and adult trauma experiences led her down this path, she believes. Over the years, Jenny had done research on recovery and felt EMDR would be a good fit for her, but had trouble finding therapists who were trained. She was intent on finding the right place, because she wanted this to be her last time in treatment. That’s when she found CenterPointe. Jenny said they sat her down and explained in full detail what EMDR would entail and made sure that she wanted to proceed. It wouldn’t be easy. Sessions were intense as suppressed memories came back, which led to emotionally draining days. Jenny was persistent in pushing forward and her therapist at CenterPointe supported her in every way possible. As each of her ‘targets’ were passed, Jenny began to gain confidence, felt calmer and happier, and even began to love herself again. After nearly two months, Jenny has completed EMDR treatment. She says she feels strong, motivated, determined, accomplished, serene and loved. She will be living her life like a survivor and feels that her past will no longer control her. Jenny says that EMDR has given her the confidence she has been needing and is thankful for this opportunity to feel free again.

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