Carole’s House of Hope

Organization Name: Carole’s House of Hope

Mission: Carole’s House of Hope provides transitional living for young women and mothers who have aged out of foster care or have become homeless. Our home-like environment, paired with innovative programs and services, encourages self-sufficiency and independence, promotes healing and ultimately restores hope. Our vision is to ignite hope in women and mothers and inspire them to discover their individual promise, purpose and power to influence their families, impact their communities and change their world.

Funded Program Description: With the generous support of organizations such as The Kim Foundation, Carole’s House of Hope is able to provide transitional housing to young women and mothers, ages 19-26, from Omaha and surrounding areas. Participants receive professional teaching, training, and coaching through a holistic and innovative approach. Our model of care provides participants with the tools and skills to address building healthier living environments, improve parenting skills, and identify positive social supports, all of which promote personal success and self-sufficiency. 

Successes of Program or Inspirational Stories: One of our most memorable success stories comes from CHH alum Lindsey. Struggling with drug addiction and having her daughter removed from her care, Lindsey joined the CHH family after completing intensive in-patient treatment at a local homeless shelter. Her journey to independence continued at CHH where she took full advantage of the programs and support that ultimately helped her to find hope and independence and become reunified with her daughter. Today, Lindsey gives back by leading an AA class at CHH, and as a member of CHH “Beyond the House”, she and her daughter participate in many aftercare activities.

We think Lindsey says it best…. 

“CHH provided me with the skills to learn to love myself again and to reach out and ask for help. They allowed me to be comfortable in my own skin, even on my bad days. Doors and arms were always wide open, and they were just there to accept me for who I was. CHH provided me with unconditional love all the way around, for myself and my child.” 

“I was offered a management position through my job. So, I get up every day and have the pleasure of taking my daughter to school. After school I am able to cook for my daughter, we read stories, wrestle, and we just got a cat. I just have the pleasure of actually living a healthy life. We do a lot of community service work through our church. My daughter is included in this. Life is different compared to when I walked into CHH. I didn’t have a life and now I wake up, take my daughter to school, and go to work. I do the day to day normal things that people do and that is just amazing.”

Contact Information:

Carole Kinlow, Founder and CEO