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Transgender Mental Health

It is estimated that nearly 40% of LGTBQ youth have or will have a suicide attempt at some point during their lifetime. In a recent study conducted by Kristina Olson, director of the TransYouth Project at the University of Washington, transgender youth...

Creating a Safety Plan

When a loved one is struggling with their emotions and you are concerned for their safety, creating a safety plan is a great resource for both of you to have.

Meditation & Misconceptions

Meditation is another great tool we can use to take care of our mental well-being.

Supporting Suicide Survivors during the Holidays

For the friends and loved ones of individuals who have died by suicide, the holidays can be a difficult time. Not only is it a time they may feel their loved one’s absence more deeply, but the messages they receive of needing to feel thankful or spread joy may not feel realistic to them.