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What is CTE?

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE, is a neurodegenerative brain disease that has Alzheimer's-like symptoms, including memory loss, confusion, aggression, rage, and sometimes suicidal behavior. It is believed to result from repeated head trauma, which results in a buildup of the abnormal protein called tau that clumps in the brain.

Suicide Awareness Month

September was a busy month for everyone in the suicide awareness and prevention field. This year, National Suicide Prevention Week (NSPW) took place September 10th through the 16th (1). Since 1975, NSPW has an been annual week-long campaign in the United States to inform and engage health professionals and the general public about suicide prevention

Celebrities Talk Suicide Prevention at VMA’s

Last Sunday evening, people from around the world tuned in the MTV Video Music Awards. As usual the night was packed full of music performances, outrageous outfits, and tons of celebrities. However, this year’s ceremony shed some light on a topic that is not often brought to the mainstage . . . suicide.

Celebrity Suicide and the Media

The music world was reeling after the shocking death of Linkin Park front man, Chester Bennington in late July. Bennington was found unresponsive at his Los Angeles home where the coroners later ruled his death a suicide. His passing occurred on the birthday of his late friend, Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Sound Garden,

Metro Area LOSS Team Update, August 2017

On July 1st, The Metro Area LOSS Team established a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Sarpy County Sherriff’s office. This MOU will make a notification call to the LOSS Team as part of Sarpy County Sheriff’s standard operating procedure following a suicide death. After receiving a notification from Sarpy County Dispatch, the LOSS Team

Striking Out Stigma

Last month Omaha was filled with college baseball fans from around the country celebrating America’s favorite pastime. While many of these young players will only ever dream about making the big league, Jason Wheeler of the LA Dodgers, is using his unique status as a professional athlete to raise awareness about topics that are often

Katy Perry Opens up About Mental Health and Suicide

In a recent interview on Viceland, Katy Perry (a.k.a. Kathryn Hudson) sat down with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh for a frank and honest therapy session. Hudson opens up about the challenges of being authentic in a world where she is famous for portraying her alter ego, “Katy Perry.”

Men’s Mental Health Month

As a society we tend to put an unfair expectation on men by always pressuring them to be tough, strong, and stoic. Even as young boys, they are treated differently when they are sick or injured. Boys grow up hearing walk it off and boys don’t cry. Society teaches men from the beginning that showing

New Study Could Improve Anxiety Medication

A little bit of fear can protect us from danger, but too much can cause serious psychological discomfort and in some cases mental health issues. New research uncovers the brain circuit involved in processing fear, which could eventually lead to new treatment options for the 18% of Americans who are affected by anxiety disorders each

What You Need to Know before Watching 13 Reason’s Why

If you’re plugged into social media, watch the news, or have a teen at home, chances are you have heard or seen something about the wildly popular Netflix series, 13 Reason’s Why (13RW). In fact, according to Fizzology, a research firm that analyzes social media data, 13RW inspired more tweets during its premiere week than