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Show Yourself Some Love

Valentine’s Day serves as an annual reminder to show those closest to you that you love them. Whether it’s writing them a special note, showering them with delicious chocolates, or doing something kind to show that you care, there are lots of ways you can express your love.

Death of WSU Athlete Sheds Light on Suicide

Suicide takes the life of roughly 1,100 college students per year. It’s the second leading cause of death for college age youth, second only to accidental death (1). On January 16th, Washington State University (WSU) lost their football quarterback, Tyler Hilinski, to suicide. Hilinski was only 21 years old (2).

CDC Releases 2016 Suicide Statistics

Every year the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releases the latest statistics on the national suicide rates. Due to the amount of information gathered and analyzed, the rates are generally about two years behind. Earlier this month the CDC released the stats from 2016.

MTV Reality Show Reaches Out for Help With Suicidal Thoughts

Catelynn Lowell of the hit MTV series "Teen Mom OG," recently announced on Twitter that she is seeking medical treatment after having suicidal thoughts.

The Benefits of an Altruistic Adolescent

We have all heard the saying, “It is better to give than to receive,” but did you know giving back can also better your self-esteem and mental health, particularly in teens?

The Difference Between Physician Aid in Dying Vs. Suicide

We understand that Death with Dignity has some similarities, but also some major fundamental differences from suicide. In late October, the American Association for Suicidology (AAS) released an official statement about their stance which included several distinct differences between traditional “suicide” and “physician aid in dying.”

Michael Phelps Opens Up

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps shared his struggles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation in a candid interview with Megyn Kelly on TODAY. Since his retirement from the pool Phelps has taken time to focus on family, joined Colgate on their water conservation campaign, and was featured in the new documentary “Angst.”

Finding Balance

Last year, I shared my personal struggle with prenatal anxiety in an article titled, “The Sad Truth About Prenatal Anxiety and Depression.” A few short months later on November 23rd at 8:17am, my husband and I welcomed our son Cohen James (or C.J. as we sometime call him), into the world.

Supporting Our Kids

After a recent suicide prevention talk at a local high school, I had a young lady come up to me as the rest of the kids filed out of the auditorium doors. She began to open up about her mental health struggles, her past with self-harm, and her frequent thoughts of suicide.

Joey Pantoliano

Bryan Medical Center brought in Emmy Award winning actor Joey Pantoliano as the keynote speaker for their annual Mental Illness Awareness Week event on October 3rd. The room was packed with nearly 500 people wanting to hear the famous Joey Pants open up about his family’s history of mental illness, his past struggle with substance