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Happy Thanksgiving

With the holiday season underway, it’s often at this time that we take the time to be grateful, relish in our blessings, and spread joy to those around us. It’s also often at this time I find myself wondering, why can’t I do these things year round?

Thank You for Another Successful Annual Luncheon

It is with my deepest gratitude that I thank our team, board, donors, volunteers, law enforcement, and all those involved in our 2018 luncheon, A Time for Hope & Healing with Patrick Kennedy, for making it such a smashing success!

Thank You

I just want to start by saying thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made suicide prevention month such a huge success in our community.

Foundation Update

While summer is winding down, things are still heating up here at The Kim Foundation! School districts are by far the busiest as kiddos and families navigate the new school year, but here at the foundation, we too are busy doing trainings for school staff, parents, nurses, students, and professionals on...

A New Year

It’s hard to believe summer is rapidly coming to an end. Everywhere I look I see back to school signs, supplies, and even some excitement on the kiddos’ faces as they talk about their upcoming year. However, there is usually some anxiety for some of the students as they advance to the next year...

Nebraska School Mental Health

The Kim Foundation is honored to be partnering with ESU3 in leading the Nebraska school mental health initiative. BHECN has provided amazing leadership in this area the past three years and we have a strong foundation to build from...

Get Involved

There are so many exciting things happening at The Kim Foundation, and we encourage you to get involved!

Finding Your Voice

Driving to work last Wednesday, I heard some dialogue between the hosts on the 96.1 radio show (syndicated from New York) regarding the positive things coming out of the tragic situation in Florida. They put it in a way that so many of us can understand, “The sun is finally coming out after several very

Legislative Activity

The 105th Legislature opened session on January 3rd. As always, but especially in a short session, our state Senators are working fast and furiously to get as much accomplished as they can before their 60th day on April 18th. Dozens of bills have been introduced with some not advancing, and some already being scheduled with

Happy Holidays

The foundation is wrapping up 2017, reflecting on an extremely successful year and humbled by the outpouring of support from the community and our partners.