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Working Through Tragedy

The tragic school shooting that occurred last week saddened the nation. For those who lost loved ones, words cannot console the pain. How do we begin to heal the heartbreak? How do we tell our kids to go back to school and feel safe?

The End-of-the-Holidays Blues

December, how great you are rounding out the year, lifting spirits, and pouring cheer into the hearts of family and friends as they gather to celebrate holiday traditions.

Smoke Signals: It’s Time To Quit

Dealing with a mental health condition can be stressful. Challenges can include multiple diagnoses, drug trials, long days at the doctor’s office, or shortage of psychiatric beds for a needed inpatient stay.

Resolutions and Realizations

Another year has come and gone so quickly! With the remaining days rolling by and the New Year around the corner, many start to consider resolutions. I am someone who has always fell prey to holding and setting extremely high standards when it comes to New Year’s goals.

2017: A Year in Pictures

As the year winds down, we take a look back to be grateful for all the wonderful events and people we encountered. While The Kim Foundation celebrated many great moments I could write about, pictures do what words cannot.

Mental Health at Your Desk

Sitting at your desk all day can be draining and downright tiresome. Whether you are someone that is constantly on the phone and taking calls all day or you are the person with mile-high paperwork, your mental health could be at risk if you do nothing to recharge at least once during your busy work

The Best Food for Your Mood

Many of us who are looking to stay or get into better shape start to evaluate one or two areas of our lives: what we do to move and what we put into our body. If weight loss is your goal, you increase your cardio and weight lifting while decreasing your caloric intake. When you

Fears, Frights, and Phobias

Fear is an interesting emotion. With Halloween coming in just a few weeks, some of us will get to experience our terrors all around us. Whether it be a fake spider at our desk, eerie skulls lying about, or children and adults parading around in scary costumes, fear can come in many forms. Some fear

A Simple Conversation

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. During this time, many organizations, The Kim Foundation included, encourage all to reach out to those affected by suicide, raise awareness of warning signs, and connect those in need to resources. Something you can do at any moment of the year is talk with someone you care about.

Digital Damage

The technology in our world has advanced tremendously in the areas of science, engineering, and medicine. We have been able to discover new things about our world by way of new tools and machinery.  But, with the good, comes the bad. The wave of “smart” electronics has started to make its impression on our mental