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Support for College Age Children during Finals Week

Dead Week and Finals Week describe those infamous last weeks of a college semester when stress is at an all-time high for college students.

The Winter Blues

Winter is upon us, which means shorter daylight hours are here as well. The changing seasons can bring changes in our mood as well.

Mental Health: The Double Edged Sword

School shootings have been a pressing matter as of late. Earlier this year, the Parkland community in Florida had to deal with the trauma and shock of a shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


The holiday season is almost upon us. Thanksgiving is tomorrow; ready to set the tone for the festivities to follow in the coming months. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will allow many to over indulge on spending and buying lavish gifts.

Gratitude and Mental Health

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, it is interesting to take a look at gratitude and how it affects our mental health.   Many of us acknowledge the goodness in our lives and are thankful especially at Thanksgiving.  Yet, being grateful on a consistent basis has been shown to positively impact us in our relationships and

Veterans Day – November 11th

Veterans Day is November 11 and it is a time to honor those who have served our country, but it should also serve as a reminder to check in on their mental health. According to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Veterans account for approximately 20% of the deaths from suicide

Mind Management

Our minds are constantly under attack these days. Social media tries to tell us that we aren’t as good as Sandy who is on vacation with her boyfriend in Jamaica or that we won’t ever have a chiseled body like Brandon – and his life must be so much better than ours because he is

Reducing Access to Means

October 23rd is national Lock Your Meds day and it stands as a great reminder to keep your home safe.

Fall Resource Fair & Outreach

This time of year is a busy one for The Kim Foundation!  We were pleased to hold our School Resource Fair on September 25th at the Bellevue Lied Activity Center.  The resource fair featured 36 organizations from around the community that presented to school staff about their behavioral health programs.  The area school districts sent

Mental Illness Awareness Week

In 1990, the US Congress established the first week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW). The goal is to end the stigma associated with mental illness and to ensure better understanding and access to diagnosis and treatment. 1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental condition such as depression or other mood disorders.