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The Best Food for Your Mood

Many of us who are looking to stay or get into better shape start to evaluate one or two areas of our lives: what we do to move and what we put into our body. If weight loss is your goal, you increase your cardio and weight lifting while decreasing your caloric intake. When you

Fears, Frights, and Phobias

Fear is an interesting emotion. With Halloween coming in just a few weeks, some of us will get to experience our terrors all around us. Whether it be a fake spider at our desk, eerie skulls lying about, or children and adults parading around in scary costumes, fear can come in many forms. Some fear

A Simple Conversation

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. During this time, many organizations, The Kim Foundation included, encourage all to reach out to those affected by suicide, raise awareness of warning signs, and connect those in need to resources. Something you can do at any moment of the year is talk with someone you care about.

Digital Damage

The technology in our world has advanced tremendously in the areas of science, engineering, and medicine. We have been able to discover new things about our world by way of new tools and machinery.  But, with the good, comes the bad. The wave of “smart” electronics has started to make its impression on our mental

Minority Mental Health Conference

This past week, I attended the Minority Mental Health Conference and learned a few things about the state of disparities in our community. Three statistics stood out to me . . .

The Power of Language

When someone breaks an arm, they are rushed to the emergency room. The doctor who treats the injury will assess the damage and most likely cast the arm for healing to take place. A few months later, the cast will be removed. Life can resume as if no break even occurred. The care given to

Trauma Informed Yoga

Along with the physical benefits, yoga also aids in mindfulness. In this world, we have so many distractions and rush from one thing to the next with no time to process our thoughts. When it’s time for yoga, all interruptions are left at the door. We can consciously breathe and get in touch with our

Smile and Move

The Kim Foundation’s parent company, C&A Industries, takes pride in all who work there by offering courses for career and personal growth. I had the opportunity earlier this year to complete Professional Development where I learned a great lesson; one that seems obvious, but so important to remember when stress starts to take over. 

First Responders Need Saving Too

First responders deal with a whole host of stressors on the job. Day in and day out, those who protect and serve can witness both great moments, as well as horrifying moments. These events can leave mental impressions and lasting still frames in their minds.

Sharing is Daring

Battling a medical disease or disorder is a hard fight. There are plenty of doctor’s appointments, medications to be filled and refilled, and potential hospitalizations for more invasive treatments. Family members and friends all come together for support during someone’s time of need.