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2018 Art & Creative Writing Contest

In recognition of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, The Kim Foundation sponsored an Art & Creative Writing Contest for students in grades 6 – 12 around the Metro area.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s an opportunity to come together as a country and work toward raising awareness and focusing attention around a topic that touches everyone at some point, in some way.

Mental Wellness at Your Desk – Part Two

Last year, I wrote about a few techniques that can be used to take care of your mental health in the comfort of your workspace. Since then, I have come across a few more tactics I wanted to share.

Mental Wellness At Your Desk: Part One

In celebrating mental health this month, I thought this repost appropriate. I wrote this blog last year and I wanted to revisit these tactics first before I introduce a few new ones next week.

How Celebrities Are Fighting Stigma

Celebrities have a whole host of issues to deal with. Sometimes their lives play out on television or social media. While this way of life has its disadvantages as far as privacy goes, we all know the advantages: wealth, fame, and influence. The first two are important, but influence has the potential to help, especially

Technology and Mental Health

The use of technology in treating mental health continues to evolve every year. Mental health support through technology can be very simple, but also very effective.

What is Psychological First Aid?

Psychological First Aid(PFA) is a training that aims to help people affected by an emergency, disaster, or traumatic event and it includes basic principles of support to promote recovery, both physically and mentally.

Working Through Tragedy

The tragic school shooting that occurred last week saddened the nation. For those who lost loved ones, words cannot console the pain. How do we begin to heal the heartbreak? How do we tell our kids to go back to school and feel safe?

The End-of-the-Holidays Blues

December, how great you are rounding out the year, lifting spirits, and pouring cheer into the hearts of family and friends as they gather to celebrate holiday traditions.

Smoke Signals: It’s Time To Quit

Dealing with a mental health condition can be stressful. Challenges can include multiple diagnoses, drug trials, long days at the doctor’s office, or shortage of psychiatric beds for a needed inpatient stay.