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A Parent’s Fear

How can we keep our kids worry free and avoid pressing our personal fears and anxieties onto our kids?

Helping Children Deal with Bullying

Heading back to school after winter break may not be the most exciting time for children, but for those who have experienced bullying, it can be a very stressful time. Most kids have been teased by a friend or sibling at some time and both find it playful or funny.

New Year’s Resolutions for Staying Mentally Healthy

Not all New Year’s resolutions focus on finances, weight, and general health; some extend to mental health as well.

2018: A Wonderful Year

Another great year has come and is almost gone! In 2018, The Kim Foundation celebrated many great moments. Here are just a few memories from the year...

The Kim Foundation – 2018 in Review

2018 has proven to be an incredible year for The Kim Foundation. We surpassed every goal set, we’ve donated more dollars to local non-profit organizations than past years, we have a strong, cohesive team in place with a broader range throughout Nebraska than we’ve had, and most importantly...

Music and the Mind

Every time we hear our favorite song, we get a rush of familiarity and pleasure and may even tap our toes or snap our fingers to the beat. We may even sing the tune as it plays! What we may not notice are the wonderful internal effects music can have on our health, well-being, and

Support for College Age Children during Finals Week

Dead Week and Finals Week describe those infamous last weeks of a college semester when stress is at an all-time high for college students.

The Winter Blues

Winter is upon us, which means shorter daylight hours are here as well. The changing seasons can bring changes in our mood as well.

Supporting Suicide Survivors during the Holidays

For the friends and loved ones of individuals who have died by suicide, the holidays can be a difficult time. Not only is it a time they may feel their loved one’s absence more deeply, but the messages they receive of needing to feel thankful or spread joy may not feel realistic to them.

Happy Thanksgiving

With the holiday season underway, it’s often at this time that we take the time to be grateful, relish in our blessings, and spread joy to those around us. It’s also often at this time I find myself wondering, why can’t I do these things year round?