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Digital Damage

The technology in our world has advanced tremendously in the areas of science, engineering, and medicine. We have been able to discover new things about our world by way of new tools and machinery.  But, with the good, comes the bad. The wave of “smart” electronics has started to make its impression on our mental

Mental Health Days in the Workplace

For many companies, keeping production levels high while keeping employees happy is at the top of their goals.  They put effort into trainings, strive to increase performance, and even offer health screenings or health education.  The question to consider involves mental health days being offered to employees.  Do many companies put forth effort into recognizing

Metro Area LOSS Team Update, August 2017

On July 1st, The Metro Area LOSS Team established a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Sarpy County Sherriff’s office. This MOU will make a notification call to the LOSS Team as part of Sarpy County Sheriff’s standard operating procedure following a suicide death. After receiving a notification from Sarpy County Dispatch, the LOSS Team

Striking Out Stigma

Last month Omaha was filled with college baseball fans from around the country celebrating America’s favorite pastime. While many of these young players will only ever dream about making the big league, Jason Wheeler of the LA Dodgers, is using his unique status as a professional athlete to raise awareness about topics that are often

Heritage Health Issues Continue

Recently I attended yet another meeting regarding Heritage Health and the significant issues that continue to plague the roll out to the integrated managed care contracts that were put in place on January 1st.

Minority Mental Health Conference

This past week, I attended the Minority Mental Health Conference and learned a few things about the state of disparities in our community. Three statistics stood out to me . . .

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July marks the beginning of National Minority Health Awareness Month. The legislation was officially signed in May of 2008 and was named after the late Bebe Moore Campbell. Bebe had been the co-founder of NAMI Urban Los Angeles and was a national spokesperson. Bebe advocated for mental health education and fought to end stigma.

Katy Perry Opens up About Mental Health and Suicide

In a recent interview on Viceland, Katy Perry (a.k.a. Kathryn Hudson) sat down with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh for a frank and honest therapy session. Hudson opens up about the challenges of being authentic in a world where she is famous for portraying her alter ego, “Katy Perry.”

Making an Impact

It seems like every time we connect with a news source we are hearing about healthcare, insurance, Medicaid, turmoil in Washington, D.C., and swirling accusations and speculation about what lies ahead. When in reality, what we need to be focusing on are the thousands of people who will be impacted by significant changes to these

The Power of Language

When someone breaks an arm, they are rushed to the emergency room. The doctor who treats the injury will assess the damage and most likely cast the arm for healing to take place. A few months later, the cast will be removed. Life can resume as if no break even occurred. The care given to