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Mental Health for the Mature Population

Caring for our mental health is important across the lifespan. Check out some different techniques the mature population can use to stay mentally healthy.

Mental Health Education in Schools

With the increasing rates of teen suicide and adolescent mental illness, two states are now requiring public schools to include mental health into their curriculums.

Understanding Suicide

This past month, we lost two influential celebrities to suicide. Many people often ask, “How could they do that?” or “They seem to have everything, why would they do that?”

Nebraska School Mental Health Wrap Up

We were honored to host nearly 175 Nebraskans for the state School Mental Health Forum on Friday June 8th. We had Senators, providers, administrators, teachers, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and many more join together to lay the groundwork for the best steps for Nebraska to move forward in this important area.

Words of Hope & Healing

Our words are powerful and can influence those who listen to or read them. What’s more, when we tell a story, our story, those who can relate tend to open up about their own journey. We want to take some time each month to highlight someone’s story – in their own words.

2018 Art & Creative Writing Contest

In recognition of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, The Kim Foundation sponsored an Art & Creative Writing Contest for students in grades 6 – 12 around the Metro area.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s an opportunity to come together as a country and work toward raising awareness and focusing attention around a topic that touches everyone at some point, in some way.

Mental Wellness at Your Desk – Part Two

Last year, I wrote about a few techniques that can be used to take care of your mental health in the comfort of your workspace. Since then, I have come across a few more tactics I wanted to share.

Mental Wellness At Your Desk: Part One

In celebrating mental health this month, I thought this repost appropriate. I wrote this blog last year and I wanted to revisit these tactics first before I introduce a few new ones next week.

2018 PSA Contest for Youth Suicide Prevention

The mission of the MASPC is to inspire our community in preventing suicide and promoting resilience through conversation, education, support, and advocacy. With that mission in mind, the MASPC announced a public service announcement (PSA) video contest for high school students focusing on suicide prevention.