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Ways to Fight Off Depression

Depression is a common, but also serious mood disorder caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors. There are also a number of ways you can help fight off your depression and take care of yourself.

Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement

In February, The Kim Foundation was invited to come and speak with the Lincoln Police Department (LPD) during two full weeks of officer in-service trainings to address mental illness and suicide among the police force; both topics that aren’t often discussed.

Finding Your Voice

Driving to work last Wednesday, I heard some dialogue between the hosts on the 96.1 radio show (syndicated from New York) regarding the positive things coming out of the tragic situation in Florida. They put it in a way that so many of us can understand, “The sun is finally coming out after several very

Show Yourself Some Love

Valentine’s Day serves as an annual reminder to show those closest to you that you love them. Whether it’s writing them a special note, showering them with delicious chocolates, or doing something kind to show that you care, there are lots of ways you can express your love.

Working Through Tragedy

The tragic school shooting that occurred last week saddened the nation. For those who lost loved ones, words cannot console the pain. How do we begin to heal the heartbreak? How do we tell our kids to go back to school and feel safe?

Mental Health in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico back in September 2017. Over three months later, approximately 1.5 million people are still without power. This situation creates obvious health risks, as well as safety and security risks. What some people don’t realize is that the blackouts can also take a toll on people’s mental health.

Death of WSU Athlete Sheds Light on Suicide

Suicide takes the life of roughly 1,100 college students per year. It’s the second leading cause of death for college age youth, second only to accidental death (1). On January 16th, Washington State University (WSU) lost their football quarterback, Tyler Hilinski, to suicide. Hilinski was only 21 years old (2).

CDC Releases 2016 Suicide Statistics

Every year the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releases the latest statistics on the national suicide rates. Due to the amount of information gathered and analyzed, the rates are generally about two years behind. Earlier this month the CDC released the stats from 2016.

Legislative Activity

The 105th Legislature opened session on January 3rd. As always, but especially in a short session, our state Senators are working fast and furiously to get as much accomplished as they can before their 60th day on April 18th. Dozens of bills have been introduced with some not advancing, and some already being scheduled with

The End-of-the-Holidays Blues

December, how great you are rounding out the year, lifting spirits, and pouring cheer into the hearts of family and friends as they gather to celebrate holiday traditions.