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Raising Awareness through education, outreach, and advocacy.
The Kim Foundation Team at the Capitol
Hill Day 2019
Julia Hebenstreit | Executive Director, The Kim Foundation

The National Council for Behavioral Health’s Hill Day 2019 will be held on September 17th & 18th in Washington, DC, and I am once again serving as the State Captain for Nebraska. This is the largest behavioral health advocacy event of the year! We are really working hard to get as many Nebraskans there as we possibly can to attend the training and our meetings with our elected delegation. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience our nation’s capitol, as well as share your stories and experience around behavioral health to truly make an impact.

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Nature picture of a sunset
The Need for Nature
Katie Zimmerman | Project Coordinator, The Kim Foundation

Research has shown us the effects our environment has on us both positive and negative. Who and what we surround ourselves with is going to have an effect on our mental health, there is no questioning it. Obviously the people we surround ourselves with are crucial, but so is our environmental setting. Are we surrounded by walls 24 hours a day or are we able to go outside and breathe in the fresh air?

Our brains need to be outdoors. Our brains need nature.

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Behavioral Health brochures
Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska
Guest Article by Jennifer Bull, Communications Coordinator

Nebraska has a shortage of behavioral health professionals. This shortage is especially acute in rural and urban undeserved communities, and led to the establishment of the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN). BHECN was created in 2009 when the Nebraska legislature passed Legislative Bill 603 to address the statewide crisis in mental health access.

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Grant Spotlights

The Kim Foundation awards annual program grants to organizations that carry out innovative, sustainable mental health and suicide prevention programming. We are proud to support these organizations and applaud them for their vision and commitment to improving the lives of individuals impacted by mental illness and suicide.

Organization Name: CRCC

Mission: The Mission of CRCC is to provide comprehensive care and family services and support to medically fragile, developmentally delayed, physically challenged, and mental health/behaviorally diagnosed children and their families. CRCC provides services that evoke maximum potential and give parents real hope for the future.

Funded Program Description: CRCC requested $50,000 for our School Based Mental Health Program. $25,000 for operations to expand programming in Millard High Schools and Omaha Public Special Education School Transition Age Program including: offering Group Therapy, Classroom Presentations, and Crisis Support at no cost to families. We requested an additional $25,000 for our Behavioral Health Patient Assistance Program. Our goal is to never turn away a client due to the inability to pay. Millard Public Schools have reported that the lack of insurance or high deductibles are barriers for families to receive services.

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Organization Name: OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.

Mission: OneWorld, in partnership with the community, provides culturally, respectful, and quality health care with special attention to the undeserved.

Funded Program Description: With funding from The Kim Foundation, OneWorld employs a behavioral health therapist who meets with South High School students to discuss their responses to the evidence-based Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services (RAAPS) that addresses social determinants of health such as nutrition, shelter, safety, and mental health including suicidal ideation and self-harm. OneWorld administered the RAAPS at South High School where 80% of students were Hispanic in the 2017-2018 school year. Hispanic youth are less likely to have access to high quality health care and are more likely to engage in suicidal ideation, attempt suicide, and complete suicide than their peers.

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Need a Speaker?

The Kim Foundation is interested in going out in the community and giving presentations to schools, civic or service organizations, churches, or groups that are in need of a speaker. These presentations will help build awareness about mental health and suicide prevention, while also focusing on the foundation and our mission.

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Community Outreach
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